The Spirit of Series

The power of a collective is far greater than that of a singular, our Spirit of Series aims to celebrate authentic narratives that are rooted by an essence and an intention.

We believe that by having a considered, sincere and mindful approach to design allows us to achieve excellence and a timeless sensibility that is transcendent. By collaborating with those that share this spirit and values, has allowed us to create soulful stories and design that is honest, steady and strong.

The Spirit of
Our Creative Director, Lukhanyo Mdingi

There’s a notion that feels quite visceral and honest when thinking about our label. There seems to be a discordant pace within the world that we’re immersed in, its fast, its urgent and at times lacks the pure essence of patience.

We’ve found that the spirit of time has yielded us to create collections that have a certain steadiness to it; A pitch of some sort that mirrors values that are rooted by consideration and sincerity, swaying ourselves away from anything that is fleeting; a resistance of some sort that’s against the aesthetics of trends.

Confidence and style is something that’s intrinsic within all of us; by proposing a certain kind of desirability and elegance has become part of the practice of creating a timeless wardrobe. Season after season we’re constantly looking at the essentials and refining each style, creating a timeless sensibility that is rooted by ease and discretion.

Our intention is to simply create a body of work that has a sense of soulfulness to it, work that is of substance that is strong and that is solid – something for the forever.


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