Shot By
Rudi Geyser


Outside the material boundaries of converging space and time exists a realm in which linear modes of experience are transcended; where timelessness reigns beyond construct and contradictions. It is in these transcendent times that the ages are forged; matter, distilled by form and essence, are set in motion to bring direction to the physical planes.

RELIC signals a conscious re-collection of this spirit, imbued with timelessness, as the fundamental approach to design. We’re forever inspired by the essentials with a sincere & considered approach to fabric selection and pragmatic tailoring, there’s an emphasis on functionality and a practical closet.

Drawing on a timelessness that transcends the dictations of trends remaining ever present within a sartorial consciousness by combing pure & essential design we remain in reverence of our ever-growing inquiry into design as human beings – knowing that conclusions and answers only function to bring about an absolute end.

Shot By Ulrich Knoblauch

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