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Jesse Navarre Vos


With a sincere approach in design, we looked into our personal archives whilst creating our PERENNIAL Collection. Anchored by the quest to create honest pieces, our latest body of work uses the spirit of considered design; meticulously paying a flawless homage to discreet details, modern refinement and timeless essentials.

PERENNIAL is a steady collection that represents a mindful approach in design development. Through the use of pure Kid Mohair and Merino Wool, it was imperative for us to understand the true root and source of how the blended textile is made and the hands that created it. Select pieces represent a hybrid of how these luxury yarns together with an ancient technique can create a modern, refined and honest textile. The felting process is one that is of matted and compressed fibre’s, eliminating any loom and interlocking this in turn means having an intimate and personal hands on experience between the artisan and the wool; with this the blended wools create an impeccable karakul-like finish that is solid and timeless.

We believe that the power of collective is far greater then that of singular, having the opportunity to continuously work with those that create these unique textile allows us to have a clear scope of each step in the production process achieving a body of work that is of substance & elegance.

Shot By Travys Owen

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